High Noon Lunch

ISM, Star and Planet Formation



The ISM, Star and Planet Formation Group lunch meeting is joined together with Astrobiology seminars. The new seminar series is meeting on Mondays at noon: N305 at Steward or room 309 at LPL on alternate Mondays. Please check the updated schedule at the ORIGINS seminar series website: ORIGINS SEMINAR SERIES.

This lunch meeting is designed to bring together people at Steward, LPL, and NOAO broadly interested in the interstellar medium, star and planet formation. We meet every other Monday at 12:00PM in Steward Observatory room N305 (alternating with Galaxy Group).

Typically presentation(s) last about 20-30 minutes leaving ample time for informal discussion. At the beginning of the meeting we welcome a short news about interesting new results or meeting summary. We will also spend some time to talk about some proposed science topics or new instruments of interests from various group members, e.g., ALMA, ARIES, Magellan AO, etc.

     Previous Schedule: Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring, 2012, Fall 2012, Spring, 2013